MasterRoc MF 308 admixture is an aqueous solution of a high-molecular weight synthetic copolymer formulated to improve the rheological behavior and in-situ properties of placed backfill. MasterRoc MF 308 admixture offers superior stability by increasing resistance to segregation, while acting as a pumping aid and facilitating placement with ...

In China's northwest coal mining area, the excavation of shallow buried thick coal seams has caused serious damage to the phreatic water layer and induced deterioration of the ecological environment. Backfilling is a basic method of controlling the loss of groundwater and reducing surface subsidence. In order to reduce the porosity of the backfill material and control the compression ratio ...

BASF takes a scientific approach to this challenge that can help mining companies understand and run backfill operations at lower risks and lower costs. With over 30 years of experience in backfill, BASF has been a pioneer in creating an admixture market for Backfill in the mining industry.

High stress makes backfill body present the rheological properties in deep mine. This paper first uses RRTS-ⅢA to carry on creep test of specimen in different proportion, according to ε-t curves under different load levels to determine the specimen's long-term strength, based on the exponential relationship of rock block and rock body, the long-term compressive strength is derived ...

potential to improve rheological properties of slurry backfills, such as reducing the risk of segregation, will be even more of an asset in deep mining because of the increased distances required to transport the slurry. Acti-Gel® is a highly purified magnesium aluminosilicate that acts as a …

mining operations and is becoming a standard prac-tice for use in many cut-and-fill mines around the world (Landriault et al. 1997, Naylor et al. 1997). Backfill material is placed into previously mined stopes to provide a stable platform for the miners to ... lowed by a discussion on the rheological properties of CPB. Finally, the paper will ...

Conventionally, passive particle tracking which uses probe's Brownian displacements to back out local rheological properties is considered as one of the simplest approach. However, it is restricted to relatively low modulus materials due to its limitations in resolving the displacements in …

The key technology in filling mining is the gravity transportation of high-density slurries, and the filling system design is a significant part of this technology. The filling effect depends on the fluidity of the filling slurry. To investigate the influence of the gradation of tailings on the rheological properties of the filling slurry, this study uses particle size analysis to prepare ...

STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNIQUES FOR BACKFILLING ABANDONED MINE VOIDS By Jeffrey S. Walker1 ABSTRACT Abandoned underground mine openings are susceptible to collapse because of the mining methods used, the character of the overburden, …

Gwalia mine – backfill system operational review S Wilson et al. 344 Paste 2015, Cairns, Australia Figure 2 Particle-size distribution 2.3 Rheological characterisation An Anton Paar Rheolab QC rotational viscometer with a temperature control bath was used to determine a rheogram for the uncemented and cemented backfill slurries.

Stephen Wilson Director, (Mining) Engineer, adds international expertise from mining in Russia and the integration of tailings management and backfill technologies. Dr. Matthew Treinen (Mechanical/Civil) Engineer, specializes in backfill system hydraulics, reticulation system design and rheological characterization. Presenters

help mining companies understand and run backfill operations at lower risks and lower costs with higher efficiency through our tailor-made chemistry and backfill expertise. With over 30 years of experience in backfill, BASF has been a pioneer in creating an admixture market for backfill in the mining industry.

Mine backfill is defined as the material or materials used to fill the cavities created by mining so as to establish and retain safe working conditions, economically. Recently, mine backfill is employed in strategies to reduce surface environmental impacts.

Underground Mining with Backfill by Tony Grice Senior Mining Engineer Australian Mining Consultants L19/114 William Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 … Brunswick Mine - InfoMine - Mining …

This paper gives a practical overview of underground mine backfilling in Australia using paste fills and hydraulic fills. The mining methods and different types of backfills are briefly discussed, with major focus on paste fills and hydraulic fills.

backfill pump equipment represents an enormous expenditure for a mine. Therefore, an increasing ... [12] and Chen et al. [13] have studied the application of foam slurry in mine backfill and have concluded that the backfill can meet the requirements. ... laboratory tests to study the effect of foam on the rheological properties of backfill ...

Mar 05, 2014· Backfilling in the underground mining industry 1. BACKFILLING IN THE UNDERGROUND MINING INDUSTRY. By Ray Brown. I have often been asked by people outside the mining industry what backfilling is and why it is necessary to the industry.

Figure 1 Basic principle of solid backfill mining . Therefore, based on rheological experiments, this paper established a rheological mechanical model for the coalmine roof when using solid backfill mining by considering the rheological properties of backfill materials. Then, …

The initial shear stress (τ) and plastic cohesion (η) are the most important parameters reflecting the rheological properties of the paste slurry. The rheological parameters as well as the quantitative relationship among the consumption of different fill materials were obtained through the experiment and research on these parameters.

Mine Backfill Brochure - Paterson Cooke. assessment, rheological and flow behaviour characterization and backfill recipe ... tool for predicting the dewatering and flow properties of the backfill product. ... the correct selection of equipment type and capacity crucial to the operability of the ..... on a Budget; low capital paste backfill injection for small mines or brownfield.

This study examined how to implement a simple slump, bleeding, and L-shape pipe flow test instead of the complicated flow loop test to determine engineering rheological properties for mining backfill. The results led to the following conclusions. The slump and bleeding decrease with the increase of concentration and limestone.

Paterson & Cooke Mine Backfill Services Paterson & Cooke Paterson & Cooke is a recognised leader in the design and implementation of mine backfill systems and associated processes. Since its formation in 1991, Paterson & Cooke has consistently provided technologically advanced systems for projects located throughout the world.

The use of backfill in underground mines is increasing due to the need to achieve maximum ore recovery and to maintain the stability of underground excavations. The mechanical response of the backfill in narrow openings is significantly influenced by its interaction with the surrounding rock mass. This paper discusses the compressive strength required for cemented backfill used in mine ...

equipment (mixer, pumps, pipelines) are necessary. A potential other drawback might be, that hydraulic backfill brings additional water into the mine and construction of dams may be necessary to isolate the backfilled excavations and to avoid outflow. The properties of backfill are determined by the following parameters (Moser, 2016):

Mar 04, 2016· The use of commercial by-products, such as furnace slag or fly ash as backfill material, may be advantageous where such products are locally available and where suitable natural materials cannot be found. Fly ash has been used as a lightweight backfill behind a 25-foot-high wall and as an additive to highly plastic clay.

rheological properties of cemented tailing backfill obtained from the experiment. Rheological properties such as viscosity and yield stress increased with an increase in the solid concentration.

AbstractWhen cemented backfill mixture (CBM) is transported through pipelines from a backfill plant to stopes, it experiences shearing forces over the transport time. In this paper, the effects of solids concentration, binder content, shear rate and curing time on the time-dependent rheological behaviour of CBM were studied. It was found that over long periods of shearing at a constant rate ...

Time-dependent rheological properties and mechanical performance of fresh cemented tailings backfill containing flocculants ... and equipment. Thus, cemented tailings backfill technology, ... M. Pokharel, M. Pokharel, M. ToureA contribution to understanding the effects of curing temperature on the mechanical properties of mine cemented tailings ...

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